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Hostesses Infocomm Las VegasIn this activity, the four reception ladies (Cristina F, Yelenis O, Jan S, and Maria H) performed very well, and their professionalism and warm service left a deep impression on me.
Professional ability: They are familiar with the process and details of the event, and can quickly answer various questions from guests, showing a high level of professionalism.
Service attitude: They always have a smile on their face and a friendly attitude, whether it is a first-time visitor or a regular guest, they can give equal and respectful treatment.
Appearance: They dress appropriately and behave gracefully, which not only adds luster to the event, but also makes the guests feel professional and respectful.
Help to customers: They always actively assist guests in the event, whether it is guidance or information, can solve problems in a timely and effective manner.
Overall, the four hostesses not only enhanced the professionalism of the event, but also provided a warm and comfortable experience for all guests. Their performance is highly commendable.

Ben – InfoComm 2024 show

Hostess Trade Show MeganAgent Summit was very successful and as always Megan did a great job!
Stephen C. – Creative Manager
Agent Summit 2024

SPFA 2024 - Janessa n Claudia2Thank you! I was thrilled with this process and working with John.
Claudia and Janessa were fantastic! Everyone loved them! They both put in extra effort to interact with customers and promote our company!
I will definitely recommend your company.
Thank you again,
Rebecca M – co-owner
SPFA Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance Convention 2024

Shelby T. was great. I unfortunately had some technical issues with my demo, but I was still able to make the most of my time at the expo thanks to her. She managed the booth while I walked around and networked. She had a very positive attitude and was always willing to help out. I would definitely hire her again if I come back next year.
Clayton L – Amusement Expo 2024

Hostess SAP Insider Las VegasShe was also very good. Very pleasant. And nice interaction with the attendees.
Looking forward to your help next year as well.
Mitresh K. – SAP Insider

Sorry for my late reply! Yes, everything went well with Jessica M. and Megan A. Especially Jessica, she was very professional, and also very enthusiastic, and can guide the customer to visit our booth. We will consider to hire her again next year exhibition.
Thank you!
Best regards
Lily – Altitude Intimates Show 2024

Trade Show Massage TherapistMegan F. was awesome! Very professional, nothing but good reviews from customers. She was excellent. We’ll definitely ask for her again next year.
Anthony P – Director of Marketing
Altitude Intimates Show 2024

Las Vegas Promotional Staff and HostessesAll were great, Liz S. and Remmy S. especially! They were very energetic and fun, Definitely made people smile.  I would take all 5 of them back any day (Remmy S, Shelby T, Alisha M, Stephanie M, and Liz S.). Thank you for making this happen on short notice.
Sean H.
KBIS show 2024

The girls (Cristina F and Beata C) were great, they did a nice job. I do suggest that we discuss a dress code in advance next time. I would have preferred more professional attire.
Chris H – Executive Powersports Recruiter
AiM Expo 2024

Promo Staff Halloween Expo 2024Thanks for your patience while I have been traveling. They were both fantastic (Megan A and Karina M). The highest praise. I will say Megan is AMAZING!!! The way she engaged and kept herself busy all the time was awesome.
Thank you and regards, Casey F. – Chief Executive Officer
Halloween & Party Expo 2024

Jessica Promo HostessJessica was awesome. Super professional and engaging and just cool to be around. We’d work with her anytime!
Thanks, David (Cofounder)
Fancy Food 2024

Shot Show ModelsThank you for your message. We just finished up our last day recap meeting and I was very pleased with the professionalism with both Cristina F. and Beata C. They did a great job for us and both expressed interest in doing it again at next years show.  I was very pleased with the manner in which they represented the company.
Warm regards.
Greg R. – Executive Recruiter
Shot Show 2024

Everything was fantastic.
Krista G. – AAPEX 2023 show

Megan Hostess Las VegasMegan A. was great! We really enjoyed working with her. She picked things up rather quickly and was a real help to us at the booth. We had a slight mishap on day 1, but that was due to all the construction around the convention center. We ended up having one of our best shows ever.
Best Regards,
Scott W. – SEMA 2023 show

Thank you for your after service follow-up. Anly has just returned and has been very busy. I heard the feedback from our sales team that AUGUSTE A was very nice. Thank you again for your help and cooperation! Have a nice day!
Best Regard,
Teresa CFO – SEMA 2023 show

Hi Everything was good, there was no text or communication on the day of the event from the staff which was a little alarming.
Pavan S. – Events Marketing Manager
AWS:reInvent 2023 show

Cristina F was fantastic as usual!
Thank you.
Linda B. – Senior Event Director – AAPEX 2023 show

Promo Staff Las VegasThank you very much for your attention and considerations, both girls were very friendly and interacted very well with the audience, I consider Ioana A. to be more proactive than Cristina F., also Cristina spoke very little Spanish and most of the people were Latinos.
I appreciate having worked together. See you next G2E.
Best regards. Leslie R – Mercadotecnia – G2E 2023 show

Las Vegas Trade Show ModelsJust wanted to let you know that all the models (Juliana, Megan, Jean) did a great job during the entire conference and we definitely appreciated their efforts.
Regards, Vik S – CCO – G2E 2023 Show

Las Vegas HostessesThank you very much for your services. Jessenia and Beata were great. Jessenia did hosted tournaments. But unfortunately, there were not many of them. It was not her fault. She hosted in a good way. And when there were no tournaments, she kept her busy with other things as removal of empty cups etc.

Beata is just great. We would like to have her again next year. Scale 1-10, we would rate her 12. She was very organized even in such small space as our bar, very resourceful in given circumstances, she made us a list for buying drinks, cups. She was friendly with customers, took drinks outside the bar, cleaned up empty cups, helped with good advice and information such as restaurants in the area, etc. Really more than we expected. Thank you again for such great staff. We will definitely work with you again on our next event. Best regards. Jana K. – Event Manager – G2E 2023 show

trade show massage

Massage therapist (Megan F and Amanda H) did a terrific job! They were very professional, timely, and a pleasure to work with.
Clay S. – Director of Operations
Alternative Products Expo 2023

Trade Show Staff Models HostessesThe girls were great (Pearl, Cristina & Eliza)!
ASD August 2023

Trade Show Model Beata and JessicaBeata C. was really great, thank you so much. Jessica M. was really great too, I love her.
Please for our next February MAGIC 2024 trade show, I would like to hire Jessica 100% and maybe Beata too, this will depend on the expectations we have for the new event, I mean, if we will have many sales or not.
If we had to hire a second staff, we will surely request Beata. Now please 100% Jessica for next February MAGIC Show.
Pedro M
MAGIC August 2023 show

Promo Staff Las VegasThe girls were great (Beata, Jan, Julia).

Daniel F – Marketing
Champs July 2023 show

Trade Show Model Jean

As expected, Jean was amazing once again! Looking forward to using you guys again in the future!
Best Regards, JOSH P| General Manager – Hospitality Show 2023

Thank you for your e-mail. We had an excellent experience with Alexandra P. She is smart and enthusiastic, much helpful and collaborative, she did her job very well. So, our feedback is absolutely positive.
Best regards. Maria Q – Export Manager, IECSC 2023 show

Hostesses Megan YanaEverything went well thanks for asking. Even though Megan had issues being on time we thought she over delivered. She really helped out a lot. Yana basically just did bare minimum to get by. We would hire Megan again.
Thanks, Stephen C. – Sr Graphic Designer
Agent Summit 2023 Show

Jenny G. was perfect. Prompt, consistently friendly with booth visitors (and staff), took initiative to tidy the booth after each meeting, and her appearance and performance were always completely professional.
Would love to deploy her for every show we attend!
Looking forward,
Ken R – Senior Vice President
NAB 2023 show

Bar Expo 2023 - JeanI want to say that Jean C. did a phenomenal job for our Bar & Restaurant expo in March 2023. She has done better to engage with customer than any other Model we have ever hired in our 10 years of doing trade shows.
JOSH P | General Manager

Cinemacon - Cristina F2As always, Cristina F. was fantastic!! Very professional. We’ll be in touch next year.

Eric T. – Vice President, Exhibitor Relations
Cinemacon 2023

Thank you for arranging to get Cristina F. as our booth hostess. She is very professional, enthusiastic, positive attitude and very active. Definitely, she goes above and beyond her role. I would definitely get her back next time.
Thank you for your support.
Mitresh K. – SAP Insider 2023 show

Las Vegas Hostesses Jasmin JessicaAs usual we’ve been very content about the girls (Jasmin T / Jessica M.), BOTH OF THEM.

You were right: Jessica highly recommended

Giulia S – Houston Office
Conexpo-Con/AGG 2023 show


Thanks for your Email. Of course I would like to give feedback on Jean C. It’s the second time we hired Jean as our booth hostess. We are more than happy with the contribution she gave us in achieving a successful Exhibition.
Jean is always on time, even much earlier than the opening of the show is. She cleans everything and put the products and giveaways in place to have a representative booth. With all her kindness and encouragement she attracts people to stop by our booth and get people interested in our products.
We will definitely hire her again for the next show.
Any questions, please let us know.
Met vriendelijke groeten, Mit freundlichen Grüssen, With kind regards,
Jeroen H. – Commercial Manager
Conexpo-Con/AGG 2023 show

Las Vegas Hostesses Santanna AlishaEveryone loved them both (Santanna S. / Alisha M.) and thought they did a great job! They did what they needed to do to help us without needing to be asked all week! They both really impressed some members of our team that have been in the sales and tradeshow world for a while and worked with an array of booth assistants / models and they said this duo was the best.

Bradley W – Video Production & Trade Show Coordinator
Conexpo-Con/AGG 2023 show

Thank you very much for your e-mail. We enjoyed working with Cristina F. and will certainly book her again for next Edition of Conexpo, if available.
Kind Regards, Madeleine S – Head of Communications
Conexpo-Con/AGG 2023 show

All 3 did a great job at the event and we got a lot of attention for our presentation. Were you able to see any of the video?
Ariane A. got into the role of Melanie and did a great job running from the birds while appearing fearful.
Megan A. was very engaging and outgoing in pulling people into our booth and encouraging them to take pictures with the models.
Jessie P. got in character as a bird, including sound effects and also did a good job pulling people into our booth.
Mark J. – BEC 2023 show

MAGIC Model Feb 2023 - Jessica M4We are really happy with Jessica M, she was really professional, good attitude and really nice worker. I would like to hire her in August. Please keep in mind I need to hire her next MAGIC August. Book on her calendar.  Best, Pedro F – MAGIC Feb 2023

They (Jillian W. and Jasmin T.) where very professional and did everything we asked and where very pleasant. We did feel that for one of the girls the pictures really matched with the look in real life but all around we where happy with them.  Met vriendelijke groet / Kind regards / Viele Grüße / Cordialement, bin – Content Marketeer – MJBiz 2022 show

Ace L. was on time and did a great job of being on top of each task he was asked to do. Overall, a positive experience! Thank you for your assistance.

Alexus H. | Event Coordinator | PAC-12 Football Championship Tailgate event 2022

I’d say perfect (Jasmin T and Jessie P).
No further comment necessary.
I wish I could find booth personnel like them every time .. 🙂

Giulia S. – Glassbuild 2022

I would like to highly recommend Cristina F. to companies such as mine needing a brand ambassador etc. at their booth during exhibitions.  She was professional, always on time, wonderful with clients, intelligent, great attitude, and we would love to use her again next year if she is available 😊

Linda B. – Event Director – AAPEX 2022

Jasmin T. was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t be happier.

Krista G. – SEMA 2022

Very happy with Cristina F.
Definitely be back to you for the next conference!SAP Insider Hostess 2022 - Cristina F

Thank you.
Mitresh K. – SAP Insider 2022

Promo Model Travel Agent Forum 2022 - ClaudiaClaudia D. was great. She was on time, flexible with the changing schedule and did a great job representing Touchstone.

Mike M.
Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
Travel Agent Forum Show 2022

Promot Models CoveringsThey both did a great job at the event, we have only positive feedback (Cristina F. and Leylani G.).
Thank you,
Priscila S – Coverings 2022 Show
Eventos Internacionais / International Events
Trade Show Model AceOur experience with Ace L. was very positive. Not only was he very professional, courteous, and always on time, but he went above and beyond his expectations. For example, if a buyer was in need of “18k gold chains” he inquired all of our 98 companies and was able to help buyers. 
We are very satisfied with his performance and look forward to working with him in the future. 
On behalf of our team, we want to say thank you!
Best regards,
Samantha F. – Houston Office – JCK 2022

Model CinemaCon 2022 - Cristina F.

Cristina F. was fantastic we will want to use her again next year. She’s very professional and helped out tremendously with greeting our guests. Thanks again and I will reach out later in the year to secure her again.
Best, Eric T | VP, Exhibitor Relations
CinemaCon 2022

Chrissy C. – amazing! The whole team loved her. She is a VERY quick learner and very social!
Wafa K.- she got along great with the customers, had a lot of energy and was happy to help with social media pictures
Maja E. – she was very kind and did everything she was asked – she also talked to just about everyone that walked by!
Cristina F. – I didn’t have much interaction with her but she did bring a few leads into the booth!
No bad reviews here. Thank you for all your help!
Crysta S – Operations Manager – CHAMPS Winter 2022 show

AHR 2022 G Trade Show Staff - Claudia, Blythe

Blythe G. did a good job. She was nice to work with and handled the booth fairly well.  Claudia was GREAT. She seemed especially sharp, really taking in the details of the products and the layout on the table … as well as important talking points . . . and helping inform potential customers about everything in detail. She even set the products up exactly the way I wanted them the following morning when I was stuck in traffic. I was somewhat shocked that she had paid that much detailed attention to how each item was placed. She was smart, sweet & a wonderful brand ambassador. I would definitely strongly recommend Claudia.
Tony P. – AHR 2022 show

Both of them were great (Amie W. and Maria V.)Hostess TPE 2022 - Maria V
Raj D. – Tobacco Plus Expo 2022

Model for WOC 2022 - ColletteThanks for your follow up, I apologize for my late reply. I am in Barcelona right now.  Collette S, did a good job, the attendance of the show was not what we expected for lack of assistance due to Covid. Collette was punctual all the days of the shows and she was helpful on everything we asked for.  ~ All the best,
Jacint B. – World of Concrete 2022

WOC Trade Show ModelsThe three girls have been very good (Chrissy C, Claudia D, Casey C).
Our feedback is positive. As always.
I’d like to spend a few more appreciative words about Casey C. who has been always impeccable.
Giulia S. – World of Concrete 2022

Trad Show Model CES 2022 - Cristina FShe (Cristina F.) did very well, professional and friendly. I really appreciated our collaboration even if the show itself was very bad, due to the lack of visitors because of covid…

Yves L. – CES 2022

Big Smoke Models Trade ShowAll three staff members (Angel L, Brittainy T, Megan A)were a pleasure to work with. They were all very punctual and attentive throughout the time in the booth or at the lunch event. They were on top of their tasks and had no issue helping out the others when necessary.
Thank you for recommending them!
Jason W. – Big Smoke 2021

Yana C. was great. Thank you for helping us out!
Adam E. – VP of Acquisitions – ICSC REcon 2022

Corporate Party MJBIZ Las VegasThank you John, for saving the day! So great to work with such a professional, who communicates and delivers on what he promises. You turned my dilemma into a mere annoyance by coming through like a champ with such great staff for the event. The ladies (Yana C, Jazmine L, Katrina A, Diana C and Kelly T) were great and so good with the clients and attendees, I received many thanks for their great work in promoting the product. I will definitely look to you again for our next Vegas venture.

Best, Steve K. – Corporate Event MJBiz 2021

Trade Show Model GloriaThanks for checking in. Gloria was professional, timely and did a great job, so I am very happy with how everything turned out.
Thanks for making the whole process as easy as it was.
Best Regards,
Chad D. – MinExpo 2021

JCK Show Model AngelicaAngelica R. has been very professional and helpful and we appreciated her job, please let her know our opinion.
I want to thank John for your cooperation too.
Regards, Vera M. – JCK 2021

Cinemacon trade show model 2021 - Cristina F3Just wanted to let you know that Cristina F. has been great!! Very professional and awesome with our customers. Appreciate you finding her for us.
Best, Eric T. – VP Exhibitor Relations – CinemaCon 2021

Champs July 2021 - Melanie V n Cristina CGood morning John,
Just wanted to reach out and let you know how happy we were with both Cristina C. & Melanie V. Both girls did an EXCELLENT job for us and we could not be more pleased with their efforts.  I was in a bit of panic after we talked last Monday but you came through for us and we really appreciate it.
Thanks for all your efforts. Take care and best of luck with your business.
Kevin S. – Sr. Director of Marketing – CHAMPS July 2021

Hostesses Coporate PartyThey were all amazing (Claudia D, Blythe G, and Casey L). Very intelligent and friendly. I highly recommend all three of them and would love to work with them in the future (in our next year’s vegas event).
Zuk A – Founder & CEO – Corporate Event at Planet Hollywood 2021

Thanks for your Email! We made it all safe back to the Netherlands. In regard to Jean C, it was a real pleasure to work with her. We were with a group of approx. 10-15 during the whole week, we were all very enthusiastic about the work she delivered.TRADE SHOW HOSTESSES GREETERS MODEL PROMO STAFF ASSISTANT JEAN
She was every day 15 minutes before opening of the Exhibition on the booth, putting everything in place and cleaning up a little bit. During the days she never looked at her phone and was very eager to bring people into our booth. She did this on a very professional manner.
I would recommend her to every company. She adopted the information about the products and company very easily and brought it to the visitors as it looked like she was working within our company.
Thanks again for all the help and good service. Above review, you may post on your website. Looking forward to work with your company again.
Met vriendelijke groeten, Mit freundlichen Grssen, With kind regards,
Jeroen H. – Sales Manager – ConExpo 2020

TRADE SHOW HOSTESSES GREETERS MODEL PROMO STAFF ASSISTANT CONEXPOWe loved Codi M, Jessie P and Megan A. But I must say that all of them including Alicia M, Maja E, and Irina R. have been fantastic.
Giulia S. – ConExpo 2020

TRADE SHOW HOSTESSES GREETERS MODEL PROMO STAFF NIKKINikki L. was great and we look forward to working with you again very soon!
Julia A. – Conexepo 2020 – Production. Planning. Design. Rentals.

Jasmin T. was a pleasure to work with – super-organized, engaging, and did TRADE SHOW MODEL HOSTESSES ASSISTANT CHAMPS JASMIN Tan overall great job at CHAMPS Las Vegas.
Best regards, Rush P. – CHAMPS February 2020

All very good, they (Carley C, Blythe G, and Casey L.) were great! Thank you.
Dario C – Real Estate Italy – MGM Skyloft Company Event Feb 2020

TRADE SHOW HOSTESSES GREETERS MODEL PROMO STAFF ASSISTANTHope R. was very nice and friendly and very professional to our customer. We were very happy with her. Thank you. Ali S. – National Sales & Operation Manager – 7-Eleven Experience Show 2020

TRADE SHOW HOSTESSES GREETERS MODEL PROMO STAFF ASSISTANTBoth Casey L and Mariah C were an absolute delight to work with. They were on top of their game and picked up our Pitch immediately. Casey was with us for both days and she was very sharp, she dealt with the booth attendees with total professionalism and was a great help. If we are in town again for conference she would be my first pick.
Thanks to you too for smooth business.
Cheers! Shail V. – Affiliate Summit 2020

Trade Show Model Jean with Coolio TPE 2020The Exhibition – TPE 2020 show was very good. JEAN C. was wonderful and we couldn’t have ask for anyone better! Hope to working with you again in the future.
T.Y. Nir S. – CEO – Tobacco Plus Expo 2020

TRADE SHOW HOSTESSES GREETERS MODEL PROMO STAFF WWINJudy W. was such a pleasure to work with, not only did she help with modeling our clothes she also helped write orders.
We give her five stars!
Thank you, Rosalinda D. – Marketing/Sales Director – WWIN February 2020

TPE 2020 Promotional StaffThey both did a wonderful job (Jazmine L and Arianna L) – thanks!
Best regards, Rush P. – Tobacco Plus Expo 2020

Jasmin T. has been absolutely the best model you ever gave us. Nice looking and dressing, very polite and super proactive with keeping the booth in order and talking to customers. Thanks for suggesting her. Hope to work again in the near future.
Paolo P. – The International Surface Event 2020

My sincere thanks for sending both Jasmin T. and Irina R. They were both great and could not have been better.
Thank you, Michael T. – NSSF Shot Show 2020

-Blythe G. was professional and engaged well with guests at the booth.
-Luoana A. was cheerful and got along well with the other models and all our booth staff.
-Harrison B. was incredibly friendly and always had a smile on his face, he was incredibly approachable and helpful. Also punctual and always early!
-Jeremy S. went above and beyond our expectations, he had genuine fun while working with us and always kept us smiling. A true pleasure to work with. I would love to work with him again in the future.
Thank you again for all your help, and we look forward to working with you again in the future!
Best regards, Harris V. – CES 2020

We were really happy with Kara S. She was dynamic and smiling. It was a positive experience for us.
Thank you again.
Kind regards, Chlo – Distribution Manager – CES 2020

We are very pleased with both Codi and Jwaida. They did a great job presenting our products with very enthusiastic approach. Thank you for once again helping us with our CES show.
-Daniel A. – CES 2020

Jean was perfect for the show! We really enjoyed time with her and appreciated how she behaved with the customers.
Thank you, Martina Z. – CES 2020

Ashlin G. was really friendly and good to have at our show.
Balaji R. – VP-Ops – CES 2020

Both Jasmin and Megan are great. We enjoy exhibiting with them. Please pass our gratitude to them.
All the best, Dan L. – CES 2020

Dealing with the unforeseen circumstances were unfortunate but thankfully, Jillian W. and Jessica P. helped us every day during the show, so everything worked out well.
Excluding all the unforeseen circumstances, I have nothing to complain -all the models did a great job.
FYI, most of the girls showed up about 10 minutes late daily, except Jillian -she showed up on time every day, usually 10 minutes before the starting time.
We understand the traffic and crowd amount varies daily for this event but it seemed like Jillian was more responsible with time.
Jillian W: As I mentioned above, she showed up on time every day. She did everything that I’ve asked her to do for us. Learned quickly about our company and products. Very friendly. Overall performed great during the show.
Jessica P: We were glad to find that she was willing to work 4 days instead of 3. Learned quickly about our company and products. Very friendly. She was able to catch a guy robbing from our booth and we were glad to have someone who was able to keep an eye on each visitor. She also overall performed great during the show.
-We were so glad to have Jillian and Jessica for the whole time during the show. They were perfect for our booth! Would love to have them work for us again-
Laila E: We were only able to work with her for a couple of hours, as she was covering for Kristina, but she was very friendly and was perfect for this event. Heard it was her first time attending CES, but she overall performed great.
Brittany H: We felt bad to have her come to our booth, just to drop off her badge since she was sick but we were glad to find that she was responsible for her position/job. We didn’t want her to force herself to come on the final day, but it seems like she’s a very responsible person. We were only able to work with her for a couple of hours but she did everything I asked her to do for us and was also very friendly.
Kristina M: Everything was excellent until she didn’t show up on the third day. She’s friendly, very interactive and knows so much about events like CES and convention shows. She was perfect for our booth so it was unfortunate to find out what had happened to her.
Thank you again for your help!
-Shima – CES 2020

Please see below on some comments from the team involved at MJBizCon regarding Judy W:
– On time, helpful, willing to do all tasks
– Great personality, approachable, and great customer service with the people at our booth
– Not totally foreign to industry, a nice fit with our team
– Keen to learn about our products and how to sell them
– She learned quickly about the products and set up introductions nicely for the sales people to easily step in and take over the conversation
Overall the team was very happy with Judy!
Thanks and best regards,
Danielle.R. – MJ Business Conference 2019

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so incredibly much for all of your hard work on this event with me. I know finding these specific models was not the easiest job. Anyway the client absolutely loved Jeremy S. he was their favorite. He brought the energy, good vibes, and excitement to the group. Keith D. also did an awesome job on this event, I will have pictures to send to you once I am back in NH that they can use for their portfolios.
Ace L. did well during the show the only feedback that I could give for him to work on would be to relax his facial expression a little more when I send the pictures over you will be able to see what I mean he has sort of a surprised look on his face in all of them. The other thing to work on would be just being a little looser on stage and not so stiff. Other than that he did great, he took direction very well, he had a great personality and an overall pleasure to work with. If we ever come back to Vegas and need models we will definitely be in touch with you.
Thanks again for everything,
-Melissa J. – Timberland Pro Fashion Show 2019

Lena L. helped me a lot during MJBIZCON, I really appreciate her good job and the help from your company.
Kind regards,
Alan C. – MJBiz Conference 2019

Jwaida E. exceeded our expectations! She was not just a model but also an extension of the full time employees at the booth, truly eager to learn about the company and help us with all the booth visitors. Mature and professional!
Linda B, CEM – President – AAPEX 2019

Here is my manager’s comment: Makayla K. was professional, courteous and overall I would use her again or recommend her. Thank you!
Karen P. – Tradeshow and Events Manager – NWCDC 2019 show

Jenny G. was great! She was on time, professional, personable and we used her Spanish to English translation skills many times with our customers. We will be happy to have her work with us again in the future.
Thanks, Edward M. – Sales – AAPEX 2019

Marlen M. was great!
Thanks, Jasdeep S. – AAPEX 2019

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so incredibly much for all of your hard work on this event with me. I know finding these specific models was not the easiest job. Anyway the client absolutely loved Jeremy S. he was their favorite. He brought the energy, good vibes, and excitement to the group. Keith D. also did an awesome job on this event, I will have pictures to send to you once I am back in NH that they can use for their portfolios.
Thanks again for everything, -Melissa J. – Timberland Pro Fashion Show 2019

Hi John, sorry I missed you at the show. You should have stopped back by. Lena L. was really great! She totally took ownership of the booth and had zero fear on dragging people to the booth. She also helped even with the tear down. I give her an A++. Feel free to use my recommendation.
Thanks for the right match up!
Best regards, Ron L – President – Big Boys Toys Show 2019

Aloha, they were all great! Was a pleasure to work with Jenny, Oksana and Yana. They had great personalities and fun to work with! Thanks for your help.

Sincerely, Brandon CEO – Mr. Olympia 2019

All three of the employees did an amazing job (booth hostess Jasmin T, Oksana M and massage therapist Debbie H). We truly appreciate all the hard work and effort put forward.
Thanks, Chase B. – President/Managing Partner – IBIE – International Bakery Show 2019

Awesome and awesome (Marlen M and Jazmine L).
Thank you, Vic C. – CEO – International Bakery Industry Expo (IBIE) 2019

Andreea H. was awesome! Everyone was pleased 🙂 Thanks again for always helping us out! We appreciate your business.
Thank you, Rosalinda D. – Marketing/Sales Director – WWIN August 2019

With CODI M. we were 100% satisfied, she has perfect skill customer service, excellent positive energy and nice with customers. I told her I’m very interested she will come back to work with us next February. Jessica F. was 70% satisfied, she needs to feel more comfortable with customers.
Elizabeth D. 75% satisfied, good skill customer service. Please remember that I will need CODI for next February 5-7, 2020.
Best, Pedro F. – MAGIC August 2019

Sorry for the delay, I had in mind to send a feedback earlier but I have been extremely busy. Our experience with Codi M. was FANTASTIC she is very professional and very attentive. She was always ready to go above and beyond our request. I hope she enjoyed her work experience with us as much as we did. Thanks for your great service.
Best, Salvatore G. – Houston Office – AWFS 2019

Jasmin T. was very professional, on time and did an A+ job. She was a pleasure to work with.
Warmest regards, Gary M. – Publisher – Black Hat 2019

Everything was very good with Andreea H. She is a hardworking girl, smart and cheerful.
Ali K. – Export Manager – Cosmoprof 2019

Sorry for the late reply. Both models (Darlene W and Maci D) did GREAT  could not have been better. We are extremely satisfied with the service. Have a great day.
Simone R. – Marketing Assistant – Cosmoprof 2019

Gloria S. was highly professional in all ways. Arrives on time, excellent presence, disposition and very kind attention to all visitors. Besides that she is a very nice person and was great to have her at the booth while I was walking the tradeshow, and also while I was there. 100% recommendable and for my next exhibition at Las Vegas, I will contact you to have her helping us again.
Best regards, Gianni V – Commercial Manager – AWFS 2019

Jean C. was very good. Excellent – thank you!!!
Amy K. – Vice President of Sales – Cosmoprof 2019

Jasmin T. was Great. Maria H. also, but Jasmin would be my preference.
John A. – Manager of Service – AWFS 2019

Thanks for the follow-up. Jillian was very helpful during the show. She quickly learned the features and benefits of our product line and did several demonstrations to attendees visiting the exhibit. We were very pleased and wanted to thank you as well.
Roger A. – IHG Americas 2019

Kristina M & Chris M were terrific again this year. We were very pleased with your service as well and would not hesitate to be in touch next year.
Thanks again!

Tara O.- Event Planner-Owner – Microsoft Inspire 2019

We were really satisfied with Mariah C. She was great and enriched our team a lot. My colleagues told me that she was a lot better than the hostess last year.
Many thanks to Mariah, too. Please find attached a picture of our team.
Best regards, Anja B. – HPE Discover 2019

Overall Codi M. was very good. Friendly and professional.
Scott B. – ICSC Recon 2019

Our experience has been good this time too, thanks. Olesya S. is a pretty lady and was always punctual at the Booth.
If I have to give you further feedback fyi, she was definitely not as proactive and as interested in the Booth activities, visitors and cleanliness as Marlen was for example, at the last show in Vegas.
Thanks and Best Regards, Paolo P – Sales Area Manager – Coverings 2019 show

Ace L, Harrison B, Mariah C and Jasmin T were all punctual, polite and hard working. It was a delight working with all of them and we hope to have the opportunity to do so again.
Josh B. – ICSC Recon 2019

Jasmin T. was once again a pleasure to work with! We hope to work with her again next year!
Tom-Philip B. – Money Show 2019

I just wanted to tell you how impressed we were with Daisy C. She is a true professional! She was communicative, prompt, pleasant, cheerful, and engaging. Our lead count for this show was the highest its ever been, because of her. I highly recommend her and would hire her again.
Thank you. Julie Murphy | Vice President Marketing – Waste Expo 2019

We were satisfied with Codi M. and she did a very good job for us. We think we will want her next year as well.
Thanks & regards, Yossi L. – CFO – National Association of Broadcaster’s show 2019

5 STARS ALL AROUND! Honestly, Jasmin T. was so good that other booths were asking me where I found her! It was a world of difference having her there vs. a co-worker as we’ve had in the past. Sounds weird, but she was wayyy more motivated to talk to strangers! We couldn’t have done it without her and would highly recommend to her to anyone and everyone :-). Please also share the news with Jasmin that The Airhook won 2019’s Innovation Award for best new design! For all I know, it could have been her that asked one of the judges to take a minute to see a demo. Bravo!
Thanks much! Craig R. – Travel Goods Show 2019

Brittainy T. and Ashley G. were excellent and did great jobs.
Thank you, Charles P. – Vice President – Sales – Tobacco Plus Expo 2019

I have nothing but great things to say about Deanna. She was a pleasure to work with, very professional and such a kind person. My experience with your service was so helpful and amazing.
Thank you, Rosalinda D. – Marketing/Sales Director – MAGIC February 2019 show

I was not in Las Vegas for the market as I was in Toronto Canada for our other selling show but from all our staff working there, Gary, Andrew and our Owner Cesar, Codi M. was FANTASTIC! She was exactly what we were hoping for and did an excellent job for us. I was very pleased with our dealings with your firm and would highly recommend modeling stop! From start to finish, John was efficient and based on my comments on what type of support we were looking for, he nailed it recommending Codi and a few others to help narrow down my list. So! I am wanting to book someone through you for our July Show: Thanks again! An absolute pleasure to deal with you all and again Codi was FANTASTIC! Please give her my regards and I hope to meet her at July’s market.
Regards, LeAnn D. – Director of Sales – Las Vegas Winter Market 2019

Absolutely! Both models did great. They (Angelica R. and Cathlene C.) were on time, friendly, and enthusiastic about any task we asked of them. They were great for pushing our products and we are very happy with the result of having them as an addition. Thanks again for your help with our booth!Thanks!
Lindsay L – Marketing & Sales – Sports Licensing and Tailgate show 2019

Elizabeth M and Marlen M. were very punctual and professional, we appreciate working with modeling stop. If I have to choose one out of the two of them, I will say Marlen the best, since she was very interested into understand our products as well, and was very proactive in the booth. Thanks again
Best Regards, Paolo P. – Sales Area Manager – International Suface Event 2019

Thank you so much for pulling together such a fantastic team! They all stepped up to the plate and pitched in when needed. Samsung Ads definitely made an impact and the client was very happy. I hope when we return next year we can secure most of the same people.
Thanks again, Alison – AliKat Productions – CES 2019

Codi M. did a perfect job. She provided the right mix of politeness and professionality. She managed to give an adequate introduction to our visitors and customers before forwarding them to our respective contact on the booth if needed. We would book her anytime again.
Mit freundlichen Gren / Best regards
Markus B – Head of Department GB Interior & Services – CES 2019

They were both (Heather S and Kay B.) very intelligent and beautiful and performed their role professionally. They were fun to be with and would highly recommend them both.
Raghu Bala – CEO – CES 2019

Jasmine L. was awesome 🙂 very mature and extremely professional, and most important, the team loved her.
Thank you. Rob D. – CES 2019

We were really satisfied by Ivette W! She was extremely helpful, always on time and very kind.
Thank you, Martina Z – CES 2019

By the way Cathlene C. is Great! Smart, quick understanding and keen to participate.
Its a pleasure to have her in our team. Well done !
Gaelle R. – CES 2019

They (Darlene W. and Deanna B.) were both good. Darlene was great.
Marcus S. – CEO – MJBiz Conference 2018

Thanks for your follow up, I apologize for my late reply. I am in Dallas for another show.
Ashley E. did a good job, the attendance of the show was not what we expected, last year in Vegas was better. Ashley was punctual all the days of the shows and she was helpful on everything we asked for.
It would have been better for us if more people attended the show, hopefully Dallas will be better for us.
All the best.
Jesus C. – Safari Club International (Reno, Nevada) 2019

Jasmin T. was amazing, timely and professional. She picked up things really quickly regarding our business terms and offerings. She was very approachable too! It was a pleasure to have her there for us.
Best, Alex – MJBiz Conference 2018

Kay Bae was delightful…consistently engaging and cheerful. What a wonderful, beautiful and intelligent lady. I’m thrilled! Thank you John.
Douglas C. – SEMA 2018

– Courtney B. She was very good, interacts well with people and really puts an effort to push brand awareness
– Baylee C.  She brought in the people I’d say b/c of her looks and though a bit quite/reserved 1st day, she was more interacting 2nd day
– Michelle M.  She was the most quite and not really bringing attention to the brand, very nice person though needed more spunk
David G. – Operations Manager – Olympia 2018

I’m so happy to report back all 3 girls (Jessie P., Ariane A., Angelica S.) were great! They were quick to learn about the products, so friendly, and really took ownership. I would take them to every event if i could! I’ll be in touch next time we’re in Vegas.
Thanks so much! Melissa C – Cosmoprof 2018

Overall the models are great. Jacklyn K. remains energetic the whole time and helped us scanned many many badges. She’s polite and nice to us and show attendees, we enjoyed chatting with her. Veronica D. is also pretty cool, and we really appreciate her coming in last minute to help us with the show. Courtney H. didn’t talk much but she’s also friendly to the attendees. She was probably not feeling well.
Cecilia Z. – Marketing Specialist – G2E 2018

All was good. Models (Oksana M. and Volha F.) worked very well. I will recommend your agency to my friends. Thank you for the cooperation.
Prozorov D – G2E 2018

Both girls (Heather C. and Savannah M.) did a good job handing out the newspapers. I was surprised the first day as I expected that they would have arrived a little early to get their badges and change into their tee shirts before the show started at 10 AM. I am used to hostesses arriving in enough time to be ready to work at the start time. Instead, they both arrived after 10, my fault for not making that clear. Also, I understand there may have been traffic issues, but these are things we consider when we have an appointment to keep. We had another hostess at our booth and we have repeatedly hired her year after year because she is not afraid to approach people. It made the girls appear quite timid at first. They got the hang of it though and did not stand around chatting which was noted by all of the other booth staff. Overall they did a fine job and I would hire them again.
Thank you for everything. Best, Stella E. – Director of Operations – G2E 2018

John, Thought that I would let you know that the pool party that your models handled for me went fabulous. They were all very social and I think that they had a good time. Chelsea J and Kristina M and Olivia S were the most social and we all went out that night to a club and had a great time. Just wanted to give you a heads up about Chelsea. She is a fantastic lady, very classy, and can carry on a great conversation. If any of your clients are needing a lady that is extra special, I cannot say enough good things about her. We have developed a good friendship and still stay in touch with each other. Just wanted you to know. thanks again.
Alan B. – Hard Rock Cabana 2018

Heather C. was great !
Nick D – Cosmoprof 2018

I hope you are having a great summer season. In short, it was great working with the three models (Jasmin T., Cassie C., Ariane A.) from your agency. Thank you for referring them yo our booth. They were well aware what we were expecting them, and all of them did a great job, scanned nearly 1,500 badges. They were friendly to the visitors, let them know what our company does, and asked our help when a visitor wanted detailed explanation about our products. Thank you again and we look forward to working with your company in future again.
Best, Taku Y. – Senior Manager, US Sales & Operations – Microsoft Inspire 2018

Gloria S. did great. She was a great rep.
Brian B. – Champs August 2018

Jasmin T. and Casey L. were a joy to work with. They were both so professional and experienced that I had to give very little instruction as to my requirements. They were warm and friendly to all my colleagues and our delegates and I would have no hesitation in booking them again and recommending your services to all my colleagues at Euromoney.
Best regards, Samantha C. – Event Manager – Lithium Supply & Markets Conference 2018

So sorry for my late reply on this, but I did want to reply because Shawna N. was AMAZING, so professional, great greeting people as they walked by, so friendly, and of course an AMAZING massage therapist! We will definitely be using your company for future events. It was a very smooth process.
Thank you again! Jami F. – Business Development Marketing Specialist – HFMA 2018

I hope all is well. I apologize for my delay in following up after the conference. I had been traveling again the following week. I wanted to pass along my gratitude and satisfaction regarding Joanna. She was extremely professional and charismatic, and the entire team thoroughly enjoyed working with her. Without a doubt, she is one of the best models that I have worked with. Thanks again for your support throughout the recruitment and finalization process. We look forward to continue working with Modeling Stop for future events.
Hannah L. – Head of Inbound – Mind the Product 2018

Chelsea J. was very helpful and friendly. No problems at all.
Regards, Emre O. – Executive Manager – JCK 2018

Let me assure you that we were completely satisfied with Elisa R. and how she supported us during the show.
She was very friendly and actively approaching attendees involving them into a conversation and bringing them into our booth.
We would definitely consider to book her again and use your services for coming shows.
Best Regards, Georg C. – Director Product Management and Business Development – Hewlett Packard Expo 2018

Elisa R. performed great and showed a lot of enthusiasm.
Didier J – JCK 2018

Mariah C. was fantastic. Even though she wasn’t the one I originally picked (that was disappointing), she definitely exceeded expectations and managed the booth nicely. She’s a quick learner and was a pleasure to work with. I would certainly work with her again if the opportunity was presented. Hope this helps and thanks!
Amir S. – Flight Sim Expo 2018

Thanks for reaching out. Jasmin T. was outstanding and an absolute delight to work with! She quickly picked up on the materials and was definitely able to discuss our funds with ease to the attendees. She showed initiative by talking to everyone who walked by even if our product wasn’t what they were looking for in particular. With her help, we saw more traffic come to our booth and an increase in calls after the meeting showing interest in our funds due to her easy going and likable personality. This is a yearly event that we attend, and we plan on using your services again. We would love for Jasmin to come back and help us to further promote our fund when the meeting comes back to Las Vegas again next year, May 13-15, 2019, if she’s available.
Thank you, Tom-Philip B. – Money Show 2018

The girls were all great. Jean C. and Jasmin T. knocked it out of the park just as they did last year, especially with their experience from last year! Abbie R. and Mariah C. did very well also! Looking forward to working with you again next year.
Thank you, Pollyanna P – Marketing Manager – ICSC Recon 2018

Everyone loved Kristina S. She was very friendly and professional, and they look forward to hopefully working with her again in the future. Thank you for following up!
Sarah C. – ICSC Recon 2018

Codi M. was great. Friendly, helpful and engaged the whole time. Would highly recommend her and would use her again.
Thanks, Paul C – Managing Director – Knowledge 2018

Jean C. was a pleasure to work with as per the feedback received from the folks that attended the event. She was punctual, conscientious, extremely well attired, had the right attitude and pleasantly professional in her dealings with our folks and with attendees. She is an asset to anyone retaining her services and we are extremely pleased with her.
Please pass on our best wishes to her.
Regards, Mohan V – Oracle Suite World 2018

I am happy to provide you with some feedback on Jasmin T and Yanay S. Jasmin T – I found her to be very professional and still personable with all attendees coming past our booth. She has a confident and outgoing personality and was able to get attendees to stop and engage in conversation. She learned quickly what our company does and projected it well. I would use her again. Yanay S – I found her more quiet but with a good personality. She wasn’t as aggressive at engaging people passing by in conversation. I think more experience would help. Her Spanish capability was good in a few cases. Both girls were professional in appearance. They took minimal breaks and worked well together.
Have a Good Day. Tom H – CEO – Waste Expo 2018

Jasmine L. has a smiling face and very helpful personality. She was punctual during the show, and use her studying time very effective. I am really very happy to work with her during the NAB Show. Thank you for your kind collaboration.
Best Regards, Glah – Operations Coordinator – NAB 2018

Casey L. was fantastic. She prepared properly for the show and was confident when speaking about our product. Looking forward to working with you again.
Hannah L. – Head of Inbound – MAU 2018

I just wanted to give you a quick update to let you know that the girls (Jasmin T. and Ashley P.) did awesome at our convention and I would definitely recommend them! They were both gorgeous, looked just like their photographs and had excellent personalities! I’d put these ladies at the top of your roster any day!
We will definitely be back in contact when we’re in town for another convention.
Best, Rochelle R. – ICCFA 2018

Cassie S. was great! My Sales team really enjoyed working with her. She did an excellent job helping us collect leads and getting the crowd motivated. If we have a need for a model next year, we will definitely be reaching out.
Thanks! Chrissy K. – Channel Partners 2018

Jasmin T. stayed at our booth together with me for ISC West show at Sands in the past three days. She did a good job and helped a great deal. I appreciate her efforts. Thank you for your kind assistance.
Best regards. Chen – ISC West 2018

I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with Yanay S. work at the Nightclub and Bar Show. She went above and beyond in her efforts to learn and understand our business. Her willingness and ability to communicate that information to potential customers contributed to our success at that event. Overall she was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her. Thank you for your services.
Cheers, Jenna M – Nightclub & Bar Show 2018

Casey C. did a good job. She was on time, pleasant and engaging. We have had bubblier personalities before but equally her ability to quickly understand the product and explain it at a high level to customers was good.
Jamie E. – Nightclub & Bar Show 2018

I must say Codi was very helpful , kind and a fast learner. On the first day, she was already explaining details of the products to the prospects.  I was positively surprised with her character.
Best Regards, Pedro R. – NAMA 2018

Both Gloria S. and Brittainy T. were extremely professional and helpful for our show. They both engaged customers to conversations and samples. Would definitely have them again. Thanks for your help.
Vic C. – Pizza Expo 2018

Chris did an unbelievable job (mascot) for us. He was always there before he needed to be, and did whatever we asked him to do immediately. He never complained even though the costume is so hot and heavy (my personal experience). He is a great asset, hard worker, and a solid actor to pull off the mascot personality. Everyone was very happy with his performance, attitude, and professionalism. Thanks again! My kids loved him too.  Darcy S. – NADA 2018

Ariane A. was absolutely fantastic and did an extremely good job. I highly recommend her for other shows and am very pleased to have worked with her. 5 stars / A+
Dr. Sapan D – CEO – HIMSS 2018

Finalist Best Booth Travel Goods

The Travel Goods Show was a huge success for us. Nadjana’s performance supporting our booth was outstanding. Her proactive and friendly character drew many interested business people into our booth. After the show a number of neighboring exhibitors approached us asking which agency had Nadjana in their portfolio, so that I could refer to your agency. We even ended up becoming one of the three finalists for best booth at the show.

Thank you for your service and allowing us to work with Nadjana D.
Best regards, Helge B – Managing Director – Travel Goods Show 2018

Autumn J. was a hit! She has a terrific voice and was well prepared for the event. She engaged the audience and the people that stopped by our table-top exhibit and was very photogenic with our clients. She certainly made the event memorable and our Take 5 session was a hit.

Thanks for your help in organizing and coordinating this event.
Sincerely, Mark S.J. – Market Manager – North America – Gana BEC Conference 2018

I was very happy with Angela W.
Thank you. Scott G – Owner – Champs February 2018

Codi M. did great at the show. The show was a bit disappointment because it’s super slow. But, Codi has been cheerful and helpful. We highly recommend her to other companies needing professional service as we were for trade show. No matter how, we will be attending next year ‘s Travel Goods trade show and we would like to have her helping us by then. Probably we will contact you couple months in advance for booking her schedule.
Thank you and warmest regards, Ivy – Travel Goods Show 2018

Both Massage Therapists (Shawna N. and Jamie D.) were great! They were the hit of the show. I felt they were both very professional, fun, and good at massages! We will definitely use them again.
Thank you!
Jared P. – Event Trade Show Planner – HIMSS 2018

Cynthia A. – We can not describe with the right words how sweet of a person you are and professional as well, we all been very pleased to have you as one of our models at the UBM Magic, you were very helpful and looked awesome in our Couture Collections. Hope to work again with you next time we visit town. Stevie A. – Thanks so much for your good vibes and upbeat personality, it was very nice to work with you and hope to do so the next time we visit Las Vegas for the Magic. John & Ruby: Thank you for everything.
Regards, Carlos G. – Chief Executive Officer – MAGIC/Stitch February 2018

Karina V. – The only feedback I have is that she was WONDERFUL. She was a pleasure to work with, a very friendly and personable gal. I honestly have nothing negative to say about her. She is a great model to have aboard. Thank you!
Erika H. – Key Accounts Manager – MAGIC/FNPlatform February 2018

Codi M. was great. She definitely was an asset to our booth and went out in the aisles to pull people in the booth. She was a quick study and hit all the important points when speaking. Would definitely hire her in the future.
Matt M. – Chief Operating Officer – Tobacco Plus Expo 2018

You truly have been remarkable to work with, I hope you know that. My previous company recommended another agency (I’ve never, unfortunately, heard good things about the local Vegas agencies) and I looked it up and the reviews were god awful! So I’m glad I found you instead and that you’ve been fabulous and legit! Thank you Ruby!!!!
Erika H. – Key Accounts Manager – FNPlatform MAGIC 2018

The experience Casey L was perfect. The model make an excellent job during all the show, from the first to the last minute. She was all the time ready for any need we have and give us a solution. She is very intelligent and understand what we were looking for very fast. Her image is perfect and works perfect for a first class lodge like our company offers. Never make any problems. She respect all the hours, starting time , lunch, ending time. I will definitely recommend Casey L to any company you need references. And of course references of your company. I am sure Jesus will send his comments too. Thank you for your service. And please give my regards and thanks to Casey too.
Rodrigo S. – owner – Safari Club International 2018

I hope this email finds you very well. I just got back to Argentina yesterday and I am catching up with all the work! The dictionary defines superlative as: of the highest kind, quality, or order, surpassing all else, or others. Supreme. I define it as Casey L. As a very professional worker, as very punctual, and fast learner, as a woman, and as a very good person above all, she did an outstanding work the four days she worked with us. She was very respectful and engaging to people.
Please feel free to use me as a recommendation. Best Regards to Casey L.
All best, Jesus C. – Sales Manager – Safari Club International 2018

This is in reference to the services provided by you @SHOT Show 2018, we are satisfied by the services offered by your Hostesses (Stevie A, Jasmin T, Brittany R.) and will like to continue our professional union in events proposed in near future. Thank you, once again and your team.
Regards, Kapil S. – Shot Show 2018

Just a short note to tell you Christopher M. and Jessie P. were both great! I loved working with them and they did a wonderful job. They were both fantastic. Jessie truly hit it out of the park! That girl is amazing! Have a great weekend.
Kris M – Director of Business Operations – Shot Show 2018

Both Jasmin and Codi did an excellent job for us. We were very pleased.
Regards, Terry O. Sr. VP Sales – PPAI 2018

Victoria is a very nice person and a good worker! Polite and easygoing, fast in learning about the products! We were really satisfied!
Thank you, Martina – CES 2018

Thanks so much for arranging Katarina A., she was unbelievable! We will definitely use her for future shows.
Keep well,
Sara S – Product Manager – CES 2018

We all felt that Zara A. did a fantastic job, especially under the last minute circumstances of having to switch models on the morning of the show. She was personable, tireless and did everything that she could to ensure our success. Really, we have nothing but superlatives for the job that she did.
Thanks, Ira C. – VP, Business Development and Marketing – Affiliate Summit West 2018

Considering the last minute job, Brittany H. did well on the first day, and did even better on day two and three. She is very personable, has good energy, and picked up on our product very quickly. She even brought the team doughnuts! The team enjoyed having her in the booth, and I would definitely choose her again at a future show.
Thanks, Jeff Y. – Senior Marketing Manager – CES 2018

Both girls were great (Cassandra B. and Maria H.). Unfortunately we didn’t have a lot of work for them, so a lot of standing around time. They kept a positive attitude and represented us well.
Thanks again! Bob C. – General Manager, The Americas – CES 2018

We were really pleased with Christopher M. during the event. He arrived a bit late the first day but he made that up by working extra that day. He was a quick learner and he had studied the material and tested our product before the event which was good. He did not hesitate to make contact with persons passing our booth and he always asked us if there was a question he did not know the answer to and learned it so he knew it for future questions. He was really friendly and had good energy all day. Nothing to complain about. Thanks for selecting him for us and thanks for good communication Ruby.
Best regards, Daniel A. – CES 2018

Vincent N., Kendra S, Eric C. were quite good and spoke well. Although they didn’t have much knowledge about our industry and our business, but they handled the job quite well. I will give rating 9 out of 10 for their work (deducting 1 point for their lack of knowledge only). Good job! I know that this time, with CES in same days was more difficult. Thank you so much for your effort and the quality of the staff.
Regards, Cecilia – Events Coordinator – Affiliate Summit West 2018

We would like to thank you for recommending Jean to us! Jean C. did a very good job helping us on soliciting visitors to our booth to participate at the AR Fun games and introduce our product to customers. Her aggressive and kind attitude have made her blending with our team very well. She has become one of our team member during the Show. Jean did a good job. Thank you!
Best regards,
Jason W. – CES 2018

Marez was very receptive of our product line & key customers we wanted to attack. She manned the booth 70% of the time alone under my instructions. I spent 70% time visiting customers outside our booth. She is very business like, as she asked many visitors to enter our booth, after which myself or herself made a sales page. She explained our product range to customers very clearly. She wrote very clearly details in our visitors book. I’am very happy with work done by Marez.
Kirti R – Chairman and Managing Director – AAPEX 2017

We found Katrina A. to be a delight to work with, thank you for the follow up.
Rolly A. – Barrett-Jackson 2017 and SEMA 2017

Thank you for checking in. Both models did a nice job, they were attentive and hard working. I would say that Jasmin K was probably a better fit for what we needed but that does not mean that Jean C did not do a good job. Jasmin’s conservative look and business approach was just a notch above, which is what we were after. She became very knowledgeable very quickly. Jean did reach out to show attendees and try to get them into our booth but was just not as apt to talk cars and sell our services as Jasmin. Thank you so much for your help.
Amy – Special Projects Manager – SEMA 2017

Loved Ariane – She was terrific. Everything you would want in a wrangler! Knew the product and didn’t miss anyone walking by. I would hire her again!
Jeff S. – NBWA 2017

Darlene was an excellent choice and addition to our team. Very professional and always on time. Was a pleasure working with her . Thank you again
Alexander M., Managing Director – Money2020 2017

We want to express our gratitude to Jasmin K for all the support she gave to us at ABC Kids expo Las Vegas, last week.
Willi – ABC Kids Expo 2017

Casey L. is an all-around Rockstar! Not only did she look into our company and familiarize herself with our products before the show but quickly picked up key selling points after being told only once. Her charisma and friendliness lead to many sales at the show and created a perfect booth environment. Casey is a true professional and would be a key asset to any company.
Chuck G – Director of Business Development – Interbike 2017

We are very happy to have worked with Jasmin at Pack Expo 2017. She was a professional, helpful, and communicative girl. Besides, she helped us collect contacts and register them in our database. We highly recommend Jasmin for Trade Fairs. Thank you for your service and support.
Martina – Marketing – Pack Expo 2017

My company, Party Tours Las Vegas, is developing a reality TV show based on our All-In Party Tour. We needed some models that would act as guests on the show, including scenes of getting ready for their big night out and being on the Party Tour itself. This involved two separate days of filming and therefore, reliability and professionalism were key. We had to make sure that they would show up for both days or else the filming could not proceed. I called Modeling Stop to see if they could accommodate the request. John sent me a number of very well qualified, pre-screened candidates. We ended up selecting Alicia M., Ariane A., Carly C. and Mariah C. John had a very good sense for what we were looking for and delivered quality people. They all did an outstanding job!! I would highly recommend Modeling Stop should you need attractive, qualified and reliable talent for your event.
Barry – CEO / Owner – Party Tours, LLC

Samantha M, Courtney B and Kayla B were all superstars. They did a fantastic job of promoting the brand. Thank you. Put on your calendar for next year. 🙂
Scott – Mr. Olympia Show 2017

Katrina A. did great on the show, she was really nice with the people and so helpful with all the requirements. She’s a really sweet girl. Thank you both for everything.
Tarah – Prepaid Expo 2017

Both (Ariane A. and Jasmin K.)can be described as fantastic!! I was extremely pleased with their work. Here’s why:
1. They presented themselves professionally.
2. Both interacted extremely well with the booth staff and became a true extension of the booth staff team.
3. They aggressively followed-up with show attendees to get the survey responses we needed. We exceeded expectations significantly there.
4. Beyond just administering surveys, they encouraged show attendees to learn more about our client. They scanned their name badges and captured their contact info for further marketing as well as gave away shirts and other giveaways to survey attendees.
5. Both were excellent, but Ariane in particular was a master at getting people to take surveys. She was ultra aggressive.
6. They endeared themselves to the booth staff to the point where they were asking to get Ariane and Jasmin at their next event.
I enjoyed working with both and appreciated their good work.
Mike – Partner – Black Hat USA 2017

We were very pleased with Ivette W, she did a great job. She was a fast learner of our products and was able to demonstrate our products to potential clients. She was friendly and inviting. Thank you for sending Ivette, she was a pleasure to work with.
Best Regards, Brian – General Manager – ASD July 2017

Marlen M. did great, it was a pleasure working with her. She was very polite, friendly and easy to talk to.
Thank you, Nan – Champs July 2017

We were very happy with Yanay S., everything was great she had a great attitude.
Regards, Maria G. – IPCPR 2017

The followings are the comments about ANGELA W. for your website: “ANGELA was our booth model of COSMOPROF 2017 in Las Vegas. This is the second year we participated in this show and needed to promote our brand to every visitors more effectively. She explained our brand and products professionally very well and was also very friendly. We appreciate her assistance and hope we can see her again. If you are looking for a booth model for your show, we highly recommend ANGELA.
Thanks a lot for your assistance this show. Regards, Yoon J. L. – COSMOPROF 2017

Casey C. was very professional and was a joy to have at our booth. We plan on using her again in the future.
Thank you, Jake P. – Cosmoprof 2017

Just wanted to take a moment and compliment your incredible team. The girls (Devon D. & Darlene W.) exceeded our expectations and really made a huge impact in the success of our first show. I’ve used staffing companies for years, especially in my last career. I’ve hired over 2,500 ppl for day or weekend events across the USA. These girls were by far the most professional, most skilled, and just an overall a true pleasure to work with. They were even more on top of our sales than I was, keeping me focused! Thank you to you and your team and a very special thank you to them! We’ll be hiring them again next time we’re in Vegas!
Please let me know if you staff for any other states. We have an upcoming show in NYC August 19-23rd.
Thanks, Leila K. – Cosmoprof 2017

She (Gloria S.) was great!!
Nick D. – International Beauty Show 2017 and Cosmoprof 2017

I just wanted to write you to say thank you so much for the 2 great hostesses for yesterday’s event. Shari P. and Valerie A. were beyond our expectations. The girls understood the product right away, they were professional, courteous, worked independently (didn’t need to be “babysat” or told what to do) and were overall rockstars! They immediately meshed and became an integral part of our team and an extension of our company, representing our brand very well. Thank you!
Best, Tamara – Partner Development Manager – Mind The Product Show 2017

Both ladies (Jasmin K. & Jean C.) were amazing! We had no idea what to expect in terms of their success in completing surveys as we have no experience working with models, but they definitely exceeded anything we had hoped for. Both models were lovely and that is also the feedback we received from our prospects that they interacted with. We also heard a lot of feedback from others about seeing the Tango girls all over the show floor, so it was great for brand awareness! Jasmin is extremely clever and resourceful, and when she ran into any hiccups, she would solve the problem on her own and only contacted us for guidance when a situation was out of her hands or required our review. The two girls worked very well together we all agreed they made a great pair. This might be a bit premature, but based on the success and feedback of the models, we are most likely going to do this again next year, and potentially hire 2 more models.
Please thank the girls for us! Sincerely, they contributed as one of the highlights from our experience at this year’s show.
Thank you, Pollyanna P. Marketing Coordinator – ICSC RECON 2017

Devon G – Went above and beyond to help us out. Including helping us prepare our handouts, learning more about our website and what we offer, and being able to communicate with attendees about our offering and why they should join us. She worked very hard, and we appreciated her hard work. Jessie P – Went above and beyond to help us out. Including doing a great job in the mascot suit, and then helping us to prepare our handouts and clean our booth in between wearing the suit. She also made an effort to learn our product to help talk to attendees. She also worked very hard, and we appreciated her hard work. Stevie A – Did her job.
Eric K – Director of Business Development & Customer Relations – Money Show 2017

For us the best models were Ariane and Jasmin. They were dynamic, proactive and more engage with the customers.
Regards, Eriz Hernandez – NHS (National Hardware Show 2017)

Very professional and exceeded our expectation. Marie was a great selection. Thank you for her service.
Alexander – (Transact 2017)

I have to say I couldn’t have done the show without them. Eileen was very knowledgeable and could talk to anyone about anything. Jean was very friendly and outgoing. They secured multiple clients with their approach for me, I would have no problem re-hiring them in the future or recommending them to other clients.
Many thanks, Cathal – NHS (National Hardware Show 2017)

She (Collette S.) did a good job and would hire her again.
Henry R. – CAI Annual Conference & Expo 2017

Both are professional and hardworking. I believe the booth models helped to bring in more traffic to our booth and generate leads. Would work with them again in the future. Darlene was very professional, well connected, and spoke well to the audience at this event. I would recommend her to be one of our booth models in the future. As for D’Layne, she was fun, light and airy, with a good sense of humor. I thought she was delightful in our booth. Many of the models at that event knew her. For future events she would be fine. Of the two, I thought Darlene was a better fit. But again, both were a delight and for future events I would recommend them. DARLENE W. : Good work ethic. Always attentive to attendees and bringing in prospective inquiries. Constantly promoting and looking out after the brand and product lines.D’LAYNE K. : Very casual in terms of work ethic. Great models, I highly recommend hiring them both for next year’s NAB, or any other show we are exhibiting at in the close proximity. Both were very energetic and smart (grasped the technology and product well), and were friendly with great attitude. Our models were very energetic and they made the long hours at the show go by quickly.
Marsha H. – NAB 2017

They were all wonderful! (Marie L / Devon G / Casey C / Erica D) They did a great job interacting with people and got really involved in our theme of our booth. No complaints. They even helped pack up the Virtual Reality stuff at the end of each day.
Thanks! Laura E. -Associate Brand Manager – Car Wash Show 2017

Andrew D. was a pleasure to work with at CinemaCon. He was punctual, enthusiastic and creative. He really helped garner attention from the attendees at CinemaCon just what we were looking for! I’ve attached some photos as well. Thanks again, Amanda. – CinemaCon 2017

We are so impressed with both Casey L. and Jackie G. They are intelligent, beautiful women that interacted and engaged our clients in a professional and genuine manner. They grasped our technology with ease and made the customer feel at ease when asking questions. They helped us exceed last year’s sales ten fold. I would like to thank you for working with us and having such exceptional staff.
Duncan A. – Photo Booth 2017

The photo shoot went really well (Jon M & Christie B.) Thank you for the help and expecting to work with you all again for our next show!:)
Lyn C. – CinemaCon 2017

This team was great (Lisa C., Ashley M., Ashley E., Shaina R., Vasilis L. & Mike C.), we will use them again.
Marc G. – MAGIC Project 2017

Nothing but good things to say about Maria K. She was very professional and worked very independent. Also reactions from customers on her were positive.
Ferco D. – ConExpo 2017

The models (Kristin M., Polina R. & Andrew D.) did a great job today. The feedback I got was that this was the best and most memorable Take 5 ever. Thanks for your help too!
Mark J. – BEC 2017

Stevie was very sharp. She picked up on product details and advantages without us even asking. Stevie significantly increased the foot traffic at our booth and helped generate many more leads then we would have had without her. I was more than pleased with her. She genuinely cared and was a huge addition to the team.
Tony P. – Director of Marketing – AHR 2017

Ariane was very energetic and professional working at our booth. She understood our brand/product well and represented our company very well. Overall, she was fun, positive, and very easy to work with. Our entire team agree that we made the right decision by hiring Ariane.
Chris K. – CES 2017

Stephen was great! Extremely hard working and very sensitive to the needs of the client.
Rakesh D. – President – CES 2017

Stevie was excellent to work with. She completed the job as needed and was very friendly and courteous with our guests. She had a delightful personality and was fun to work with. We would definitely work with her and your business again in the future!
Caitlin S. – Sr. Marketing & Events Planner – CES 2017

Ashley did good. Nothing to complain.
Kilian S – CES 2017

All the girls where great and particularly Jasmin that we had in our Suite. Please deliver my greetings to them!
Thank you for the great service and all the best for 2017!
Ville Ilves – CES 2017

The show went very well and both Jasmin and Christie did a great job. They were very professional and motivated and helped us promote our brand during the show
Fares H – Tobacco Plus Expo 2016

Jessie P. was very good. She worked hard and walked around the event and she had a positive and friendly attitude with the attendees to the show and to our booth. We can try to get her again next year.
Casey C. was very hard working. She was really interested in ensuring that the clients were handled and spoken, very friendly and outgoing too. We can try and get her next year too.
Collette S. average performance, she was not very friendly and outgoing. This has been surprising for me, as you send me feedback from other clients she worked with and was very good, but definitely this was not her best work as my team on the show reported.
In general work was good and we will be in touch for next shows.
Miriam S. – Event Coordinator – Affiliate Summit West 2017

Nuray is great really helped with sampling and Kayla just sold a ton of boxes. Adam killed it as B Up man. Thank you for getting us great talent.
Scott B. – Mr. Olympia 2016

Thank you for coordinating having Alicia work our booth. We were very pleased with her over the two day show. She interacted with potential customers very well, learned about our products to be able to approach customers and helped bring customers to the booth. I wanted to let you know so that you can relay to Alicia how pleased we are with her working our booth.
Tom M. – Irrigation Show 2016

To give you the answer in brief, she (Iryna) was great! Her cooperative attitude along with her confidence was a killer. She definitely is on our ‘repeat’ list next year.
Abhijeet B – AAPEX 2016

Shawna was great. Very friendly towards our clients and guests. Nice personality and attitude.
Dara A – Annual Golf Invitational 2016

Personality wise Karina was a little cold and not outgoing enough towards customers and booth personnel.
Bob Q – President, CEO & CFO – Glassbuild America 2016

Both of the Girls (Kendra S and Karina V) were great, we appreciate your good service and will call again.
Rolly A. – Business Development Manager – Barrett-Jackson 2016

Marie L. was great. On time everyday, she jumped right in, learned quickly and did a great job. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a beautiful model/translator!
Sebastian M.- Director of Marketing and IT – International Baking Industry Expo 2016

Jasmin was best we had in four years!
Jer C – Minexpo 2016

Both Ariss and Elizabeth did an excellent job. They both were on time and ready to start immediately. At the show, they followed our instructions and I didn’t have to worry at all once they started. Also, I was very happy that they took an interest in learning about our products, and thus were able to communicate with customers concerning our products.
Dennis O – G2E 2016

D’Layne and Kristina did a great job and they were a big part of our success.
Steve D. – Director of Sales and Service – Minexpo 2016

Just back from Las Vegas. Overall feedback is good, we appreciated that a couple of them were able to speak Spanish very well and they were generally diligent and professional (Katarina B, Heidi R,Marlen M. & Karina V). So we are happy with this experience with you guys and we look forward to the next occasion to work together.
Matteo D. – Minexpo 2016

Jasmin was really wonderful. She showed up ahead of time, was attentive to my product information, and used the to attract prospects into my booth. She is very skilled in her trade show craft. She want out of her way to help me out getting some items from stores in her neighborhood. She even picked us up some smoothies on morning. She was a good conversationalist when the booth got slow. I would highly recommend her as you did for me.Jasmine was a wonderful choice.This was my first time using a modeling agency and I am very pleased with Modeling Stop. Its is a first class, professionalism organization and there pricing was excellent. Thank you.
Lee H. – SGIA 2016

Karina was by far and away the best trade show rep we have had. She was poised, articulate, and professionally represented our product. She was also very effective at drawing buyers’ attention to our booth, and I received several comments by buyers who said they returned to our booth because of Karina. Thanks again for your help, and we look forward to working with you again.
Phil G. – Las Vegas Souvenir and Resort Gift Show 2016

JASMIN was our booth model of Cosmoprof 2016 in Las Vegas. Our company participated in this expo firstly and it was very important to introduce our brand in the market as the professional hair care products. JASMIN searched our website before she worked at our booth, so she explained our brand and products to all visitors and people passing by. She was very professional booth model during the expo. We appreciate to her assistance for this expo. Also, we would like to hire her whenever we participate in the exhibition shows in Las Vegas.
Yoon L – Cosmoprof 2016

Kristina was great – she was personable and very helpful at our event. She helped make our group feel comfortable. I would definitely have her work my events in the future.
Jordana G. – Director of Operations – Hostess Event 2016

Mariah is smart and helpful.
Chelsea – IECSC 2016

Colette was excellent. Very courteous, very friendly, on time etc. Would definitely work with her again.
Andreas S. – Head of Operations – Lithium 2016

Awesome experience! Model Mariah C. was great as well.
Ankit S. – Photo Shoot 2016

Thanks again for a flawless experience! I really appreciate John N. and Model Ariana accommodating our late situation. You guys were GREAT again!
Mark S. – CEO – National Hardware Show 2016

Jasmin K. and Lisa C. were great, very personable and professional.
Jeff D. – National Hardware Show 2016

I just wanted to thank you for providing Heidi. She was really perfect. She was very diligent and enthusiastic. I couldn’t be more satisfied. My entire experience with your company has been excellent. Thank you.
Mike L. – CEO – Interop 2016

I was highly satisfied with all of the models: I organize or contribute to the organization of a couple of events in Vegas every year – the guys I was with this past Saturday will be very disappointed next year if I can’t secure Cassie, Katarina, and Jasmin for our 2017 gathering. I thought Ariana and Shaina were great, too, and would hire them again.
I had sourced an additional two models from another agency: each and every girl in your crew was head and shoulders above those two others (I won’t be working with that agency again). Atmosphere models are not always part of the plan (it depends on who the guests are), but I will reach out to you when they are.
Daniel M. – Bellagio Corporate Event 2016

Heidi was professional, sweet, team player, quick learner and overall excellent attitude! Very happy with Heidi R.
Carmen P. – Transact 2016

This was a first time we have ever used a model. Collette was great, but waiting to see what execs opinions are in regard to hiring any models for future shows. My vote is yes as I believe that it was definitely worth it.
Geol Y. – Sr. Marketing Manager – National Association of Broadcasters 2016

Everything went great. We will use your services in the future.
Michael M. – CAR 2016

Thank you for your follow up. Both Heidi and Jasmine were great to work with! They did a fantastic job engaging customers. We took our company from nothing to an honest global presence in just 2 days. We are beyond excited to see where this will go from here. Needless to say, we will be back at NCB Show 2017 and I will be using your agency again. Hopefully both girls will still be with you so we can book them again. Have a great weekend.
Ryan R. – Nightclub & Bar 2016

Michele was excellent and a joy to have on the team. It was a shame that she arrived at 11:30 am on one of the days but we managed to work around this.
Mark – Ace Hardware 2016

Heidi was fantastic. She exceeded my expectations. She was great with customers, spoke really well, looked great and had a nice energy to her. Will be using her again next time.
Michael H. – WWD Magic February 2016

Marlen was professional, courteous and conscientious; I would highly recommend her.
Christine M. – FNPlatform February 2016

As usual i am a happy customer. Codi and Sara were both good, but Codi is on a different level. Very active, smart and professional.
Kilian S. – CES 2016

Codi was absolutely amazing @ the PPAI Vegas Show.
Juanne K. – PPAI 2016

Excellent service. The models (Eileen P, Otilia O.) were smart and friendly and able to draw great amount of clients to our booth They were even able to explain our business to the clients. On the whole great job excellent. Will definitely use the same models again. !
Tyrone D – Affiliate Summit West 2016

Marlen Medina - LDI 2015

Collette S-NACS 2015

NACS 2015-Adelina n Lauren

Metisha C - NACS 2015a

Jasmin K-Supply Side 2015a

Kendra S-CTIA 2015

Adelina D-CTIA 2015

Nuray S - MAGIC 2015

Adelina D-ASD 2015

Cosmoprof 2015

Collette S-JCK 2015

RECON 2015

Jasmine L - RECON 2015

Adelina D-NHS 2015

Jasmin K-NHS 2015b

Elena G -NHS 2015

Adriana Lee - National Hardware Show 2015

Krista P-Car Wash Show 2015

Collette S-Inside Self-Storage Show 2015

Elena G-Knowledge 2015

Adelina D-NAB Show 2015

Metisha C - Travel Goods Show 2015

Collette S-ILS Show 2015

Codi M-WWIN Show 2015

Cassandra B-ILS 2015

Cristina T-Nightclub & Bar Show 2015

Cheryl H Model

Adrienne Lee - PPAI Show 2015

Adrienne Lee - CES 2015