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Thanks so much for arranging Katarina A., she was unbelievable! We will defenitely use her for future shows.
Keep well,
Sara S – Product Manager – CES 2018

Marez was very receptive of our product line & key customers we wanted to attack. She manned the booth 70% of the time alone under my instructions. I spent 70% time visiting customers outside our booth. She is very business like, as she asked many visitors to enter our booth, after which myself or herself made a sales page. She explained our product range to customers very clearly. She wrote very clearly details in our visitors book.
I am very happy with work done by Marez.
Kirti R – Chairman and Managing Director – AAPEX 2017

We found Katrina A. to be a delight to work with, thank you for the follow up.
Rolly A. – Barrett-Jackson 2017 and SEMA 2017

Thank you for checking in. Both models did a nice job, they were attentive and hard working. I would say that Jasmin K was probably a better fit for what we needed but that does not mean that Jean C did not do a good job. Jasmin’s conservative look and business approach was just a notch above, which is what we were after. She became very knowledgeable very quickly. Jean did reach out to show attendees and try to get them into our booth but was just not as apt to talk “cars” and sell our services as Jasmin. Thank you so much for your help.
Amy – Special Projects Manager – SEMA 2017

Loved Ariane – She was terrific. Everything you would want in a wrangler! Knew the product and didn’t miss anyone walking by. I would hire her again!
Jeff S. – NBWA 2017

Darlene was an excellent choice and addition to our team. Very professional and always on time. Was a pleasure working with her . Thank you again
Alexander M., Managing Director – Money2020 2017

We want to express our gratitude to Jasmin K for all the support she gave to us at ABC Kids expo Las Vegas, last week.
Willi – ABC Kids Expo 2017

Casey L. is an all-around Rockstar! Not only did she look into our company and familiarize herself with our products before the show but quickly picked up key selling points after being told only once. Her charisma and friendliness lead to many sales at the show and created a perfect booth environment. Casey is a true professional and would be a key asset to any company.
Chuck G – Director of Business Development – Interbike 2017

We are very happy to have worked with Jasmin at Pack Expo 2017. She was a professional, helpful, and communicative girl. Besides, she helped us collect contacts and register them in our database. We highly recommend Jasmin for Trade Fairs. Thank you for your service and support.
Martina – Marketing – Pack Expo 2017

My company, Party Tours Las Vegas, is developing a reality TV show based on our All-In Party Tour. We needed some models that would act as guests on the show, including scenes of getting ready for their big night out and being on the Party Tour itself. This involved two separate days of filming and therefore, reliability and professionalism were key. We had to make sure that they would show up for both days or else the filming could not proceed. I called Modeling Stop to see if they could accommodate the request. John sent me a number of very well qualified, pre-screened candidates. We ended up selecting Alicia M.,  Ariane A., Carly C. and Mariah C. John had a very good sense for what we were looking for and delivered quality people. They all did an outstanding job!! I would highly recommend Modeling Stop should you need attractive, qualified and reliable talent for your event.
Barry – CEO / Owner – Party Tours, LLC

Samantha M, Courtney B and Kayla B were all superstars. They did a fantastic job of promoting the brand. Thank you. Put on your calendar for next year. 🙂
Scott – Mr. Olympia Show 2017

Katrina A. did great on the show, she was really nice with the people and so helpful with all the requirements. She´s a really sweet girl. Thank you both for everything.
Tarah – Prepaid Expo 2017

Both (Ariane A. and Jasmin K.) can be described as fantastic!! I was extremely pleased with their work. Here’s why:
1. They presented themselves professionally.
2. Both interacted extremely well with the booth staff and became a true extension of the booth staff team.
3. They aggressively followed-up with show attendees to get the survey responses we needed. We exceeded expectations significantly there.
4. Beyond just administering surveys, they encouraged show attendees to learn more about our client. They scanned their name badges and captured their contact info for further marketing as well as gave away shirts and other giveaways to survey attendees. 
5. Both were excellent, but Ariane in particular was a master at getting people to take surveys. She was ultra aggressive. 
6. They endeared themselves to the booth staff to the point where they were asking to get Ariane and Jasmin at their next event.
I enjoyed working with both and appreciated their good work. 
Mike – Partner – Black Hat USA 2017

We were very pleased with Ivette W, she did a great job. She was a fast learner of our products and was able to demonstrate our products to potential clients. She was friendly and inviting. Thank you for sending Ivette, she was a pleasure to work with.
Best Regards, Brian – General Manager – ASD July 2017

Marlen M. did great, it was a pleasure working with her. She was very polite, friendly and easy to talk to.
Thank you, Nan – Champs July 2017

We were very happy with Yanay S., everything was great she had a great attitude.
Regards, Maria G. – IPCPR 2017

The followings are the comments about ANGELA W. for your website: “ANGELA was our booth model of COSMOPROF 2017 in Las Vegas. This is the second year we participated in this show and needed to promote our brand to every visitors more effectively. She explained our brand and products professionally very well and was also very friendly. We appreciate her assistance and hope we can see her again. If you are looking for a booth model for your show, we highly recommend ANGELA.
Thanks a lot for your assistance this show. Regards, Yoon J. L. – COSMOPROF 2017

Casey C. was very professional and was a joy to have at our booth. We plan on using her again in the future. 
Thank you, Jake P. – Cosmoprof 2017

Just wanted to take a moment and compliment your incredible team. The girls (Devon D. & Darlene W.) exceeded our expectations and really made a huge impact in the success of our first show. I’ve used staffing companies for years, especially in my last career. I’ve hired over 2,500 ppl for day or weekend events across the USA. These girls were by far the most professional, most skilled, and just an overall a true pleasure to work with. They were even more on top of our sales than I was 🙈😁, keeping me focused! Thank you to you and your team and a very special thank you to them! We’ll be hiring them again next time we’re in Vegas!
Please let me know if you staff for any other states. We have an upcoming show in NYC August 19-23rd.
Thanks, Leila K. – Cosmoprof 2017

She (Gloria S.) was great!!
Nick D. – International Beauty Show 2017 and Cosmoprof 2017

I just wanted to write you to say thank you so much for the 2 great hostesses for yesterday’s event. Shari P. and Valerie A. were beyond our expectations. The girls understood the product right away, they were professional, courteous, worked independently (didn’t need to be “babysat” or told what to do) and were overall rockstars! They immediately meshed and became an integral part of our team and an extension of our company, representing our brand very well. Thank you!
Best, Tamara – Partner Development Manager – Mind The Product Show 2017

Both ladies (Jasmin K. & Jean C.) were amazing! We had no idea what to expect in terms of their success in completing surveys as we have no experience working with models, but they definitely exceeded anything we had hoped for. Both models were lovely and that is also the feedback we received from our prospects that they interacted with. We also heard a lot of feedback from others about seeing the “Tango girls” all over the show floor, so it was great for brand awareness! Jasmin is extremely clever and resourceful, and when she ran into any hiccups, she would solve the problem on her own and only contacted us for guidance when a situation was out of her hands or required our review. The two girls worked very well together – we all agreed they made a great pair. This might be a bit premature, but based on the success and feedback of the models, we are most likely going to do this again next year, and potentially hire 2 more models.
Please thank the girls for us! Sincerely, they contributed as one of the highlights from our experience at this year’s show.
Thank you, Pollyanna P. Marketing Coordinator – ICSC RECON 2017

Devon G – Went above and beyond to help us out. Including helping us prepare our handouts, learning more about our website and what we offer, and being able to communicate with attendees about our offering and why they should join us. She worked very hard, and we appreciated her hard work. Jessie P – Went above and beyond to help us out. Including doing a great job in the mascot suit, and then helping us to prepare our handouts and clean our booth in between wearing the suit. She also made an effort to learn our product to help talk to attendees. She also worked very hard, and we appreciated her hard work. Stevie A – Did her job.
Eric K – Director of Business Development & Customer Relations – Money Show 2017

For us the best models were Ariane and Jasmin. They were dynamic, proactive and more engage with the customers.
Regards, Eriz Hernández – NHS (National Hardware Show 2017)

Very professional and exceeded our expectation. Marie was a great selection. Thank you for her service.
Alexander – (Transact 2017)

I have to say I couldn’t have done the show without them. Eileen was very knowledgeable and could talk to anyone about anything. Jean was very friendly and outgoing. They secured multiple clients with their approach for me, I would have no problem re-hiring them in the future or recommending them to other clients.
Many thanks, Cathal – NHS (National Hardware Show 2017)

She (Collette S.) did a good job and would hire her again.
Henry R. – CAI Annual Conference & Expo 2017

Both are professional and hardworking. I believe the booth models helped to bring in more traffic to our booth and generate leads. Would work with them again in the future. Darlene was very professional, well connected, and spoke well to the audience at this event. I would recommend her to be one of our booth models in the future. As for D’Layne, she was fun, light and airy, with a good sense of humor. I thought she was delightful in our booth. Many of the models at that event knew her. For future events she would be fine. Of the two, I thought Darlene was a better fit. But again, both were a delight and for future events I would recommend them. DARLENE W. : Good work ethic. Always attentive to attendees and bringing in prospective inquiries. Constantly promoting and looking out after the brand and product lines. D’LAYNE K. : Very casual in terms of work ethic. Great models…I highly recommend hiring them both for next year’s NAB, or any other show we are exhibiting at in the close proximity. Both were very energetic and smart (grasped the technology and product well), and were friendly with great attitude. Our models were very energetic and they made the long hours at the show go by quickly.
Marsha H. – NAB 2017

They were all wonderful! (Marie L / Devon G / Casey C / Erica D) They did a great job interacting with people and got really involved in our theme of our booth. No complaints. They even helped pack up the Virtual Reality stuff at the end of each day.
Thanks! Laura E. -Associate Brand Manager – Car Wash Show 2017

Andrew D. was a pleasure to work with at CinemaCon.  He was punctual, enthusiastic and creative.  He really helped garner attention from the attendees at CinemaCon – just what we were looking for!  I’ve attached some photos as well.  Thanks again, Amanda. – CinemaCon 2017

We are so impressed with both Casey L. and Jackie G. They are intelligent, beautiful women that interacted and engaged our clients in a professional and genuine manner. They grasped our technology with ease and made the customer feel at ease when asking questions. They helped us exceed last year’s sales ten fold. I would like to thank you for working with us and having such exceptional staff.
Duncan A. – Photo Booth 2017

The photo shoot went really well (Jon M & Christie B.)  Thank you for the help and expecting to work with you all again for our next show!:)
Lyn C. – CinemaCon 2017

This team was great (Lisa C., Ashley M., Ashley E., Shaina R., Vasilis L. & Mike C.), we will use them again.
Marc G. – MAGIC Project 2017

Nothing but good things to say about Maria K. She was very professional and worked very independent. Also reactions from customers on her were positive.
Ferco D. – ConExpo 2017

The models (Kristin M., Polina R. & Andrew D.) did a great job today. The feedback I got was that this was the best and most memorable Take 5 ever. Thanks for your help too!
Mark J. – BEC 2017

Stevie was very sharp. She picked up on product details and advantages without us even asking. Stevie significantly increased the foot traffic at our booth and helped generate many more leads then we would have had without her. I was more than pleased with her. She genuinely cared and was a huge addition to the team.
Tony P. – Director of Marketing – AHR 2017

Ariane was very energetic and professional working at our booth. She understood our brand/product well and represented our company very well. Overall, she was fun, positive, and very easy to work with. Our entire team agree that we made the right decision by hiring Ariane.
Chris K. – CES 2017

Stephen was great! Extremely hard working and very sensitive to the needs of the client.
Rakesh D. – President – CES 2017

Stevie was excellent to work with. She completed the job as needed and was very friendly and courteous with our guests. She had a delightful personality and was fun to work with. We would definitely work with her and your business again in the future!
Caitlin S. – Sr. Marketing & Events Planner – CES 2017

Ashley did good. Nothing to complain.
Kilian S – CES 2017

All the girls where great and particularly Jasmin that we had in our Suite. Please deliver my greetings to them!
Thank you for the great service and all the best for 2017!
Ville Ilves – CES 2017

The show went very well and both Jasmin and Christie did a great job. They were very professional and motivated and helped us promote our brand during the show
Fares H – Tobacco Plus Expo 2016

Jessie P. was very good. She worked hard and walked around the event and she had a positive and friendly attitude with the attendees to the show and to our booth. We can try to get her again next year.
Casey C. was very hard working. She was really interested in ensuring that the clients were handled and spoken, very friendly and outgoing too. We can try and get her next year too.
Collette S. average performance, she was not very friendly and outgoing. This has been surprising for me, as you send me feedback from other clients she worked with and was very good, but definitely this was not her best work as my team on the show reported.
In general work was good and we will be in touch for next shows.
Miriam S. – Event Coordinator – Affiliate Summit West 2017

Nuray is great really helped with sampling and Kayla just sold a ton of boxes. Adam killed it as B Up man. Thank you for getting us great talent.
Scott B. – Mr. Olympia 2016

Thank you for coordinating having Alicia work our booth. We were very pleased with her over the two day show. She interacted with potential customers very well, learned about our products to be able to approach customers and helped bring customers to the booth. I wanted to let you know so that you can relay to Alicia how pleased we are with her working our booth.
Tom M. – Irrigation Show 2016

To give you the answer in brief, she (Iryna) was great! Her cooperative attitude along with her confidence was a killer. She definitely is on our ‘repeat’ list next year.
Abhijeet B – AAPEX 2016

Shawna was great. Very friendly towards our clients and guests. Nice personality and attitude.
Dara A – Annual Golf Invitational 2016

Personality wise Karina was a little cold and not outgoing enough towards customers and booth personnel.
Bob Q – President, CEO & CFO – Glassbuild America 2016

Both of the Girls (Kendra S and Karina V) were great, we appreciate your good service and will call again.
Rolly A. – Business Development Manager – Barrett-Jackson 2016

Marie L. was great. On time everyday, she jumped right in, learned quickly and did a great job. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a beautiful model/translator!
Sebastian M.- Director of Marketing and IT – International Baking Industry Expo 2016

Jasmin was best we had in four years!
Jer C – Minexpo 2016

Both Ariss and Elizabeth did an excellent job. They both were on time and ready to start immediately. At the show, they followed our instructions and I didn’t have to worry at all once they started. Also, I was very happy that they took an interest in learning about our products, and thus were able to communicate with customers concerning our products.
Dennis O – G2E 2016

D’Layne and Kristina did a great job and they were a big part of our success.
Steve D. – Director of Sales and Service – Minexpo 2016

Just back from Las Vegas. Overall feedback is good, we appreciated that a couple of them were able to speak Spanish very well and they were generally diligent and professional (Katarina B, Heidi R, Marlen M. & Karina V). So we are happy with this experience with you guys and we look forward to the next occasion to work together.
Matteo D. – Minexpo 2016

Jasmin was really wonderful. She showed up ahead of time, was attentive to my product information, and used the to attract prospects into my booth. She is very skilled in her trade show craft. She want out of her way to help me out getting some items from stores in her neighborhood. She even picked us up some smoothies on morning. She was a good conversationalist when the booth got slow. I would highly recommend her as you did for me.Jasmine was a wonderful choice.This was my first time using a modeling agency and I am very pleased with Modeling Stop. Its is a first class, professionalism organization and there pricing was excellent. Thank you.
Lee H. – SGIA 2016

Karina was by far and away the best trade show rep we have had. She was poised, articulate, and professionally represented our product. She was also very effective at drawing buyers’ attention to our booth, and I received several comments by buyers who said they returned to our booth because of Karina. Thanks again for your help, and we look forward to working with you again.
Phil G. – Las Vegas Souvenir and Resort Gift Show 2016

JASMIN was our booth model of Cosmoprof 2016 in Las Vegas. Our company participated in this expo firstly and it was very important to introduce our brand in the market as the professional hair care products. JASMIN searched our website before she worked at our booth, so she explained our brand and products to all visitors and people passing by. She was very professional booth model during the expo. We appreciate to her assistance for this expo. Also, we would like to hire her whenever we participate in the exhibition shows in Las Vegas.
Yoon L – Cosmoprof 2016

Kristina was great – she was personable and very helpful at our event. She helped make our group feel comfortable. I would definitely have her work my events in the future.
Jordana G. – Director of Operations – Hostess Event 2016

Mariah is smart and helpful.
Chelsea – IECSC 2016

Colette was excellent. Very courteous, very friendly, on time etc. Would definitely work with her again.
Andreas S. – Head of Operations – Lithium 2016

Awesome experience! Model Mariah C. was great as well.
Ankit S. – Photo Shoot 2016

Thanks again for a flawless experience! I really appreciate John N. and Model Ariana accommodating our late situation. You guys were GREAT again!
Mark S. – CEO – National Hardware Show 2016

Jasmin K. and Lisa C. were great, very personable and professional.
Jeff D. – National Hardware Show 2016

I just wanted to thank you for providing Heidi. She was really perfect. She was very diligent and enthusiastic. I couldn’t be more satisfied. My entire experience with your company has been excellent. Thank you.
Mike L. – CEO – Interop 2016

I was highly satisfied with all of the models: I organize or contribute to the organization of a couple of events in Vegas every year – the guys I was with this past Saturday will be very disappointed next year if I can’t secure Cassie, Katarina, and Jasmin for our 2017 gathering. I thought Ariana and Shaina were great, too, and would hire them again.
I had sourced an additional two models from another agency: each and every girl in your crew was head and shoulders above those two others (I won’t be working with that agency again). Atmosphere models are not always part of the plan (it depends on who the guests are), but I will reach out to you when they are.
Daniel M. – Bellagio Corporate Event 2016

Heidi was professional, sweet, team player, quick learner and overall excellent attitude! Very happy with Heidi R.
Carmen P. – Transact 2016

This was a first time we have ever used a model. Collette was great, but waiting to see what execs opinions are in regard to hiring any models for future shows. My vote is yes as I believe that it was definitely worth it.
Geol Y. – Sr. Marketing Manager – National Association of Broadcasters 2016

Everything went great. We will use your services in the future.
Michael M. – CAR 2016

Thank you for your follow up. Both Heidi and Jasmine were great to work with! They did a fantastic job engaging customers. We took our company from nothing to an honest global presence in just 2 days. We are beyond excited to see where this will go from here. Needless to say, we will be back at NCB Show 2017 and I will be using your agency again. Hopefully both girls will still be with you so we can book them again. Have a great weekend.
Ryan R. – Nightclub & Bar 2016

Michele was excellent and a joy to have on the team. It was a shame that she arrived at 11:30 am on one of the days but we managed to work around this.
Mark – Ace Hardware 2016

Heidi was fantastic. She exceeded my expectations. She was great with customers, spoke really well, looked great and had a nice energy to her. Will be using her again next time.
Michael H. – WWD Magic February 2016

Marlen was professional, courteous and conscientious; I would highly recommend her.
Christine M. – FNPlatform February 2016

As usual i am a happy customer. Codi and Sara were both good, but Codi is on a different level. Very active, smart and professional.
Kilian S. – CES 2016

Codi was absolutely amazing @ the PPAI Vegas Show.
Juanne K. – PPAI 2016

Excellent service. The models (Eileen P, Otilia O.) were smart and friendly and able to draw great amount of clients to our booth They were even able to explain our business to the clients. On the whole great job excellent. Will definitely use the same models again. !
Tyrone D – Affiliate Summit West 2016

Marlen Medina - LDI 2015

Collette S-NACS 2015

NACS 2015-Adelina n Lauren

Metisha C - NACS 2015a

Jasmin K-Supply Side 2015a

Kendra S-CTIA 2015

Adelina D-CTIA 2015

Nuray S - MAGIC 2015

Adelina D-ASD 2015

Cosmoprof 2015

Collette S-JCK 2015

RECON 2015

Jasmine L - RECON 2015

Adelina D-NHS 2015

Jasmin K-NHS 2015b


Elena G -NHS 2015

Adriana Lee - National Hardware Show 2015

Krista P-Car Wash Show 2015

Collette S-Inside Self-Storage Show 2015

Elena G-Knowledge 2015

Adelina D-NAB Show 2015


Metisha C - Travel Goods Show 2015

Collette S-ILS Show 2015

Codi M-WWIN Show 2015

 Cassandra B-ILS 2015

Cristina T-Nightclub & Bar Show 2015

Cheryl H Model


Adrienne Lee - PPAI Show 2015

Adrienne Lee - CES 2015